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Worldwide News 2019.11.25.

WEDA constructs innovative pen concept for organic operation

Lower Saxon pig farming specialist WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH has equipped the “Arche Wilhelminenhof” farm with new Be.Well pens. The Be.Well concept stands for products which focus on the well-being and health of the pigs and facilitate economic and safe working at the same time. The order for the organic operation from Bakum included a reconstruction of pens in an open wooden house with roaming space.

Worldwide News 2019.08.21.

Smart.Light: Animal control made easy

The work in pig houses is varied, time-consuming and demanding. During the daily animal control, numerous factors must be paid attention to and rated simultaneously – also in order to identify potential illnesses in a timely manner. Important indicators to assess animal health are, for example, water and feed consumption. Based on the consumed amounts, the house staff can recognize early on whether an animal is sick.

Worldwide News 2019.05.14.

New, seminal fermentation method developed

There are many benefits to feed fermentation in pig farming: decreased feed costs, improved feed digestibility, reduced use of antibiotics and last but not least reduced nitrogen and phosphor depositions into the soil, just to name a few advantages. 

Worldwide News 2016.11.03.

Animal Individual Feed Preparation by Means of WEDA’s New Mill Control

Nowadays, the composition of feed should be matched exactly with the individual needs of suckling piglets, fattening animals, and sows. Only if the mixture is the right one, a positive development of the animals is guaranteed. Independent of the kind of feeding system employed it is therefore decisive that the individual feed components can be mixed efficiently.

Worldwide News 2016.09.26.

House Equipment: „MoreFlex“

With an innovative pen concept, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp ensure more animal wellbeing in sow managements: the farrowing pen “MoreFlex” is convincing, mainly due to its ergonomic and flexible technology.

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