Big Dutchman at EuroTier 2018


Big Dutchman innovation for larger pig houses

Drive wheel made of cast plastic runs quietly and allows for longer dry feeding systems

In many regions of the world, the trend towards larger pig houses continues. Dry feeding systems for feed supply must cover ever longer distances in the barn. This increases mechanical stress on conveyor chains and drive units. With this knowledge in mind, Big Dutchman has developed a drive wheel that is completely cast in elastic plastic.


pigt-picture-big dutchman-k

Big Dutchman innovation PigT creates clean air for finishing pigs

Less ammonia, more welfare: a toilet helps

At EuroTier 2018, Big Dutchman presents PigT, a new type of toilet for pigs that significantly reduces ammonia emissions in barns. PigT is part of a finishing pen with continuous solid floor.



Big Dutchman slat anchor makes assembly easier

Innovative slat anchor can be positioned without special tools

Whoever wants to fasten pig equipment to the floor knows: slat anchors are the right choice. Positioning these anchors in the slatted floors has always required special tools such as levers or brackets, making the entire procedure quite complicated. These times are over now: Big Dutchman presents a new slat anchor concept at EuroTier 2018.


statistiktool sow feeding dashboard-big dutchman-800

Sow Feeding Statistics identifies potential for optimisation

BigFarmNet statistics tool for sow managers: monitoring the entire production cycle

Thanks to digitalisation: at EuroTier 2018, Big Dutchman presents the first statistics tool for sow managers.


volumendosierer vario 8l-1-big dutchman-k

New feeding innovation for sow management

Robust and extremely versatile: the Vario 8L volume dispenser can dose from 100 g to 5 kg

The new Big Dutchman volume dispenser Vario 8L is the first feed dispenser for sows that is available in all required configurations and that can, moreover, dispense small portions of as little as 100 grams of feed just as precisely as larger rations of up to 5 kilograms. This impressive range is made possible by an additional dosing flap for small amounts that can be inserted into the volume dispenser’s filling chute.


xaletto strohstallsystem-stroh-futterautomat-big dutchman-800

No odours, no slurry – tested in practical life with 6,000 animal places

Xaletto: the economic management system for closed houses with straw bedding

Pig equipment supplier Big Dutchman from Vechta and feed producer Bröring (Dinklage) jointly present the new Xaletto management system for closed houses with straw bedding at EuroTier 2018.