EuroTier trend reports for pig, dairy and poultry


The top trends for EuroTier 2022 are explained by three experts in DLG’s network, each specialized in pig, dairy/cattle and poultry.


Trend report on pig farming

Christian Meyer, Schleswig; Holstein Chamber of Agriculture, Futterkamp Teaching and Research Centre:

Priorities: intact respiratory tract, good feed intake, and feed conversion for lactation period. Animal health correlated with proportion of gilts; Animal Welfare Livestock Ordinance dictates sow's location and space; Breeding runners need 5 m2; new animal housing concepts to accommodate varying sized herds; lying area; straw in mating centre; farrowing pen and more topics

Trends in Pig Farming and Feeding Technology (

Trend report on cattle farming

Andreas Pelzer, Versuchs; und Bildungszentrum Landwirtschaft Haus Düsse (Haus Düsse Experimental and Training Centre for Agriculture), Germany

Automation and digitalisation leading to changes; animal housing concepts under scrutiny; saving bedding; sensors give rise to new herd management options; animal monitoring; new cubicle designs for animal welfare; feeding zones and intelligent feeding racks; hygiene in calf feeding; reducing vacuum peaks on the teat

Trends in the construction and equipment of dairy cattle barns (eurotier. com)

Trend report on poultry farming

Dr. Christiane Keppler, Landesbetrieb Landwirtschaft Hessen (LLH; Hesse State Framing Authority), Germany

Intact beak; phasing out chick; culling; in; ovo sex determination – what are the EuroTier solutions?

Trends in Poultry Farming (