Food Security crisis: 17 ways the EU is stepping up for people


The Russian invasion of Ukraine reverberates around the world. It is about the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in Europe, and around the world.


Strengthening global food security

  1. For the period 2021–2024, the EU is pledging at least €2.5 billion (€1.4 billion for development and €1.1 billion for humanitarian aid) for international cooperation with a nutrition objective. In the 2021–27 international cooperation programmes the EU will support food systems in about 70 partner countries.
    This includes over €1 billion to address food security in the Sahel, and €633 million for urgent support and to strengthen food systems and resilience in the Horn of Africa.
  2. Investing in making local markets more sustainable and resilient with initiatives to boost the region’s own production capacity. For this, the EU budget has already earmarked €3 billion to invest in agriculture and nutrition, water and sanitation programmes in Africa.
  3. Working closely with the United Nations and the G7 Presidency.


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