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Worldwide News 2022.08.26.

First corn picker with integrated stubble cracker

CLAAS presents the new CORIO STUBBLE CRACKER for effective and efficient control of corn borers when harvesting corn and faster decomposition of the corn stubbles. Thanks to the integrated stubble mulcher, one subsequent operation is saved, which saves fuel and human resources.

Worldwide News 2018.03.29.

EFSA: Frozen corn likely source of ongoing Listeria monocytogenes outbreak

Frozen corn is the likely source of an outbreak of Listeria monocytogeneswhich has affected five EU Member States (Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom) since 2015. This is the conclusion of a rapid outbreak assessment published today by EFSA and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). As of 8 March 2018, 32 cases including six deaths had been reported.

Worldwide News 2017.04.10.


High cost effectiveness, versatility and convenience – these are the key advantages of the new DUPLEX SEED drilling process, available on Pöttinger AEROSEM PCS seed drill models. With DUPLEX SEED, silage and corn maize is planted in double rows.

Worldwide News 2016.07.29.

MAIZ'INFO - July 2016

EU Maize Plantings Consolidate in 2016 Sorghum in Europe: a True Potential Technical Guide on Grain & Feed Corn: the French Expertise in One Publication Nutritional Value of High-Moisture Corn Grain: Latest Experimental Data Maize and Food Self-Sufficiency. Example of Iran

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