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Worldwide News 2021.03.08.

Producing top quality silage for maximum energy utilization

A well-managed silage is a nutritious, palatable and cost-effective feed ingredient for cattle operations. Today, silage makes up 50-60% most dairy cows’ diets. Increasing the silage component of a cow’s diet makes milk production more cost effective and sustainable. Some leading farms with 40L-milk-per-day cows make silage 70-80% of their cows’ ration.

Worldwide News 2021.01.21.

Are you aware of mycotoxins risks to broilers?

According to analysis of more than 8000 finished poultry feed samples collected in the past 5 years, 97% tested positive for mycotoxins. It’s important for the industry to understand the real impact of mycotoxins on broiler productivity.

Worldwide News 2020.11.20.

How Mycotoxins Impact Broiler Production

Adverse weather conditions are increasing the levels of multiple mycotoxin contamination in poultry feed raw materials. Combinations of various mycotoxins can have an outsized, negative impact on birds’ health and performance.

Worldwide News 2018.06.27.

Royal Agrifirm Group announces the acquisition of Special Nutrients

Royal Agrifirm Group has signed the agreement to acquire Special Nutrients, the Miami based leading provider of scientifically proven mycotoxin binders. For Special Nutrients this step supports the further development of its strong portfolio of mycotoxin binding solutions. Royal Agrifirm Group shows through this acquisition its commitment to further invest in its promising feed additive business, supporting the overall growth strategy.

Worldwide News 2017.09.26.

Gold Sponsor Nutriad Hosted Technical Session at MYCOKEY

Belgium headquartered feed additives specialist Nutriad was a proud sponsor of the 1st MycoKey International Conference that took place in September in Ghent (Belgium). MycoKey aims to deliver the first integrated ICT tool to address mycotoxin contamination along the food and feed chain. Partners in the project seek enable real-time information and suggestions for mycotoxin management. As the conference provided room for sharing relevant research data, Nutriad hosted a technical session at the conference.

Worldwide News 2017.06.07.

Nutriad applying weather forecasts to predict mycotoxin challenge

Using a compilation of data from past weather patterns, combined with regional mycotoxin levels of past six years, multinational feed additives producer Nutriad has created a model to generating predictive information on future mycotoxin challenges, that could help the industry to act rather than react. This model will be made available in the USA, where Nutriad is cooperating with renowned meteorologist Thomas Novak of Novak Weather Consultants.

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