Are you aware of mycotoxins risks to broilers?


According to analysis of more than 8000 finished poultry feed samples collected in the past 5 years, 97% tested positive for mycotoxins. It’s important for the industry to understand the real impact of mycotoxins on broiler productivity.

Poor performance

Mycotoxin contamination of feed below regulatory limits and guidance levels can have damaging effect on broiler health, welfare and performance.Negative impacts on performance include:

  • Up to 15% less body weight gain
  • 10% lower feed intake
  • A 7% higher feed conversion ratio


Four main effects on broilers

While visible signs of a mycotoxin-related issue are not always clearly identifiable in broilers under field conditions, mycotoxins can still have devastating effects on flock uniformity, performance and health. In particular, mycotoxins:

  1. Predispose birds to diseases (e.g. necrotic enteritis, coccidiosis, etc.)
  2. Decrease nutrient utilization and weight gain
  3. Contribute to vaccine failure
  4. Increase the rate of carcass condemnation

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Webinar and slides available

In a recent webinar on 'How Mycotoxins Impact Broiler Production' BIOMIN experts recently explored the latest mycotoxin occurrence data, how mycotoxins act as predisposing factors for poultry intestinal diseases and cost-effective solutions.



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Mycofix® products are proven to deliver return on investment in commercial operations, as much as EUR 4.34 for every EUR 1 invested.

Targeted protection

Because of the impacts of varying levels and different combinations of mycotoxins that threaten your flocks, BIOMIN representatives and technical experts take care to provide recommendations based on individualized assessments, matching the correct Mycofix® solution —including both product recommendation and dosage— to the challenge on your site.

Fatter profits

Dozens of commercial trial results with Mycofix® on broiler farms show, on average, performance improvements of:

  • 9% final weight increase
  • 6% reduction in feed conversion ratio

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