Címke: Health

Worldwide News 2016.11.10.

Diamond V at EuroTier 2016

At the EuroTier Information Bourse in Göttingen, Germany, 21 September, global nutrition and health company Diamond V shared EuroTier news with agricultural journalists. Dr. Francisco Ysunza and Peter Zieger discussed next generation dairy technology and poultry pre-harvest food safety technology.

Worldwide News 2015.08.28.

Can breeding improve hoof health?

For three years, data on hoof health was recorded on Canadian farms. The researchers found that the prevalence of digital dermatitis was considerably lower in progeny of sires with favourable hoof health breeding values. The next step is a national collection system of hoof lesion data in order to implement routine genetic and genomic evaluations for hoof health.

Worldwide News 2014.03.21.

Conference for Better Bee Health

European Commissioner for Health, Tonio Borg, will open the conference, which will present numerous strands of work across the EU in response to concerns in recent years for bee health and bee colony losses. Some high level speakers from DG AGRI will also take part in the conference - see draft agenda here.